What CloudCannon offers

Empower your editors with CloudCannon and Jekyll


  • photoVisual editing

    Update content directly on the page. There’s not guessing how changes appear on the live site. Add a class of editable to the elements you want to be updatable.

  • codeSource editing

    Sometimes you need to edit source code to update config or tweak some CSS. CloudCannon has a build in code editor to help you in a pinch.

  • format_align_leftContent editing

    As an alternate to the visual editor CloudCannon also has a Content Editor which helps you focus on the content without the distractions of your site.

  • linkEditor links

    For complex content that orginates from front matter, collections or data files, you can add your own links to the visual editor for an intuitive editing experience.

  • format_paintFront matter editing

    Build intutive interfaces for your editors using front matter data types. CloudCannon as UIs for images, HTML content, colours, arrays, dates and more.

  • editBlogging, collections and data files

    Editors can add posts, collection documents and data files without understanding the inner workings of Jekyll.


  • syncGit sync

    Pull in your Jekyll site from GitHub or Bitbucket. CloudCannon will pull in any future changes and commit back any changes made on CloudCannon.

  • repeatContinuous deployment

    CloudCannon builds your site after every time your site changes. No need to set up your own CI service or build scripts.

  • toysMultiple enviornments

    Set up Git branches for different stages of your site. Have editors merge branches in the CloudCannon UI.

  • businessOrganisations

    Give control to other members of your team to create sites, manage billing and update content across all your sites.

  • peopleCollaboration

    Invite your team and clients to update your Jekyll site.

  • buildJekyll plugins

    CloudCannon supports all third party Jekyll plugins and installs them straight from your Gemfile.

  • accessibilityClient sharing

    Give update access to your clients without them having to sign up for a CloudCannon account or knowing you use CloudCannon at all.

  • account_boxSAML

    Control account access through your SAML provider.


  • starAutomatic minification

    CloudCannon automatically minifies CSS and JavaScript files to boost the performance of your site.

  • languageCDN

    Assets are served by our global CDN to ensure your site is performant around the world.

  • call_madeRedirects

    Redirect old addresses to make sure visitors and search engines can always find the content they’re looking for.

  • securityPassword protection

    Add a password to a section of or your entire site to keep it private from public viewing.

  • fingerprintAsset fingerprinting

    CloudCannon rewrites asset paths if the content has changed to ensure visitors are always getting the most recent version.

  • lock_outlineSSL (private beta)

    Give your visitors the comfort in knowing your site in secured with SSL.

  • dnsDNS

    Have CloudCannon automatically set up your DNS. Manage records straight in the app.

  • import_contactsStaging domain

    CloudCannon gives all site their own .cloudvent.net domain so you can have a live version of your site without having to set up your own domain.